Club Members,

I sure hope everyone had a good Christmas and a good beginning of 2023. I don’t know
about you but I could do without this cold weather. We start up our meetings on Feb. 15 and it will
be good to see everyone again. We are in the process of setting up our event calendar for 2023. I
know everyone will be anxious to get back on the road going to car shows.
As I think about putting on car shows I wonder how we pull them off with such a small
group of members helping. From the moment we set the date the ball gets rolling on everything
we need to do to make the show successful. I would like to see us actually have a group of
members work together organizing each of our shows and events. We are fortunate to have so
many offer to help the day of the event which I am grateful for. Please give this a thought when
our calendar is posted.
I am making plans to go the Goodguys Car Show in Raleigh, North Carolina, April 21-23.
I’ve never been to that show and look forward to try something new. If anyone is interested, I will
have some registration forms at the meeting. Let us know if you have any trips planned. I know a
group of our members are currently on a Cruise Ship for a Do Wop Cruise and afterwards will be
going to the Daytona 500 and a trip to the Run To Sun Show in Myrtle Beach in March. It’s always
fun to hear about where you’ve been or where you are going.
Don’t forget to register for the All Club Breakfasts which are coming up. It’s a good place
to hear about the shows are planned for the year. It’s time to pay your dues, renew your Business
card ad and pay for a Patron Ad to support the Newsletter.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting, Be safe, Happy New Year!